ESC/PCB/LED lights for Orlandoo Hunter OL/TS0001

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PCB board with included ESC for the Orlandoo Hunter Motors.

Control the provided running lights with a spare channel on your receiver without the need external switches. Includes outputs for micro low voltage servo and 2x 5V lights.

Kit comes complete with everything required, including three 4mm white LEDs. A diagram is also provided for easy installation.

Working voltage: 4.8-9.6V
Input Signal Type: PWM
driving frequency: 250Hz
Servo signal range: 1ms-2ms
Output Current: 5A
Size: 23x22x7mm

Compatible with the following:
OH35P01 (F150 1/35 Micro Crawler Kit)
OH35A01 (Hunter Jeep 1/35 Micro Crawler Kit)
OH35A02 ( Mitsubishi Pajero1/35 Micro Crawler Kit)

Product total weight: 15.00 grams

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